Why is Kenya is introducing CBC Education System.

In response to the Constitution of Kenya 2010 and to achieve Vision 2030, the SDGs and implement the East African Community protocols, we need to transform our education system in three ways:

COMPETENCES: Kenya’s economy is changing fast. We need to prepare learners
for new possibilities. The 21st Century demands transferable skills and soft skills. The
competency based approach seeks to produce a learner with COMPETENCES to thrive now and in an increasingly changing world.

CHARACTER: Education needs to mould all learners with values to uphold peace
and national unity across the country. Value Based Education and Parental Empowerment and Engagement are core pillars in the new curriculum. The competency approach seeks to produce a learner who has CHARACTER.

CREATIVITY: The 21st Century is a society in which knowledge and ideas are a key source of economic growth. Education needs to produce citizens who are willing to think differently, be CREATIVE and try out new ideas to solve


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    What role does the CBC Education System play in enhancing critical thinking and problem-solving skills among Kenyan students?

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